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Employee Management Services

We deliver the right candidates
& help manage them

The key to operating an effective temporary workforce is the accessibility to the right people, with the right skills at the right time. Over the last 8 years we have developed an extensive candidate database, allowing us to constantly fulfil vacancies, quickly and efficiently, across our specialised industry sectors.

We match leaders with
organizations expectations
As a forward thinking organization, we ensure
we match candidates with organization's expectations
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Why choose
Sigma Recruitment?

As a result of years of practice we acknowledge a collaborative approach with operations and HR is key to successfully managing a flexible workforce. We offer a partnership which focuses on the process, planning, engagement, and retention of temporary workers, a technique which has naturally matured through years of experience and constant learning of the industries we operate within.

Our managed service teams, assume complete responsibility for the recruitment, induction, training and deployment of our client’s temporary workers to ensure they are competent and ready to hit the ground running from day one. Our Sigma employee managed service teams become the central point of contact, we offer an on-site managed service solution or a satellite service.

Success stories from our employer partners


Dare Oluwi
CEO - Fintech Company
Sigma has made our recruitment process a lot easier and efficient. Overtime, we have gotten a number of qualified candidates through them. they are fast and efficient.
Dare Oluwi
CEO - Fintech Company
Janet Adaeze
HR Manager - FMCG
We made use of the Sigma Recruitment Services, we needed to hire qualified sales managers in a short period of time. I believe we received the best crop of sales managers in the market. Sigma did all the pre-interviews, scheduling, pre-assessment and selection for the candidates for us. They had already pre-selected from the bulk and gave us the most suitable people.
Janet Adaeze
HR Manager - FMCG
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